360° capture of paper documents, faxes and email attachments

Integration with existing systems and processes

Highly-optimized, maintenance free (cloud) platform 

Faxination offers you

Digitization and automation

Digitize and unify disparate document flows – paper, fax and email– to improve efficiency and eliminate human transcription errors and complexity.

Integrate with existing systems and processes

Streamline processes by integrating paper, fax and email with existing office and business applications for a better performing, agile organization.

Highly-optimized, flexible platform 

Benefit from a centralized communications platform and message archive that meets any deployment scenario. 

Mission-critical reliability and security

Rely on a proven solution that is made for your business and a future safe investment because of its modular design, regulatory compliance and 24X7 support services.

Transform into a digital business and integrate all business document flows with connected systems

Empower your staff to easily access and exchange the information they need to provide outstanding service

Modernize your business flows with a customizable platform that is relevant today and tomorrow

For your Business

Faxination’s Digital Business Platform helps companies all over the world to transform into a digital business and integrate all business document flows with connected systems.



The ability to securely exchange clinical information among independent healthcare organizations is the key to providing patient-centric and cost efficient care. Faxination supports HL7, the international standard for healthcare industry communications, for secure and efficient information exchange, seamlessly integrated into existing healthcare processes and systems (e.g. Hospital Information Systems, Electronic Health Records). 

Financial Services


Some Facts

Faxination’s Digital Business Platform helps companies to boost:

Efficiency gains
Cost Savings


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Software Activation

Before starting the software activation tool, make sure that the following information is at hand:

  1. The contract number that was received from Fenestrae or reseller after placing the order.
  2. The system key, which was displayed during setup. This key can be found in the Fenestrae License Manager tool as well via Fenestrae Server Administrator > Tools > License manager.

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Faxination offers solutions for any size business.

Due to its modular, component-based design, Faxination allows you to mix and match functionality and meet any cloud, on-premise or hybrid deployment requirements.

User *
$User *
  • Small business
  • Fax server
  • For Microsoft Exchange/ Office365
  • Mid-size business
  • 360° capture of paper, fax and email
  • Can be integrated with any application 
  • Includes mobile messaging
  • Large corporations
  • As Standard Edition
  • PLUS: Optimized for high availability and high volume
  • Multinationals
  • As Corporate Edition
  • PLUS: Centralized management
  • PLUS: Server consolidation

* User Edition is provided ‘as is’ and cannot be extended with additional modules





What’s up?

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Training: Faxination 2016 Certification - July 12 & 13, 2016

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Congress: Radiologendagen – September 30, 2016

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Trade fair: Medica – November 14-17, 2016

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The Maintenance & Support Program ensures that organizations have access to the latest Faxination technology with continuous support to ensure optimal performance.


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For customers and partners who are using, installing, developing or selling Faxination solutions.

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Two-hour course in the day-to-day administration of Faxination. It contains training on the most popular connectors, best practices and end-user training materials. In addition, participants are instructed on how to use Fenestrae’s support resources most effectively. Contact us for more information and scheduling.

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Our consultancy services help organizations to prepare for upgrades, increase the functionality of Faxination products, and advise on how to reduce system administration and support loads.

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