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Faxination is known around the world for helping companies streamline their communication through faxing. It allows businesses to transform digitally and integrate document flows, empowers staff and meet regulatory requirements for data collection and reporting. Over the years, our customers have used our solution to solve various business problems. Below are a few scenarios of ways they are using Faxination today. 

Streamline and Centralize Global Communication 

Our customer, Nestle, utilizes centralized Faxination Servers in 3 regions: U.S., Europe, and Asia. In this scenario, each centralized server is in a network load balanced configuration using 2 Kernels with local and remote host and device connectors. Faxination connectors are designed to be installed on the local Kernel or on standalone servers in close network proximity to points of connectivity. 

For example, the main Faxination Kernel can be located in California and connectors such as the SAP Host installed in New York where the SAP Servers are located. This allows for a RFC connection between SAP and the SAP Connector. The SAP Connector then connects to the Faxination Kernel using HTTP allowing for greater network tolerances. This also allows for remote Fax over IP software stacks to be installed near voice gateways to allow for local telephony points of presence using SIP and T.38 without having to forward the call long distances increasing chances of call failures.

Nestle also utilizes a large Multifunction Device base in many of their offices to send faxes leveraging their Faxination installation. The devices are configured for lanfax and instead of using local telephone lines the devices deliver scanned jobs to a network share to be processed and faxed via Faxination.

Customer and Employee Communication

Another customer uses Faxination in a unique way to alert workers of changing conditions in and around mines. The slope stability of the mine is monitored via an application the customer uses called Groundprobe. When conditions in and around the mines change and informational alerts are deemed necessary, a print job containing the latest information is sent from the application to the Faxination server utilizing the Faxination Universal Output Connector.  

The Faxination Server converts this print job from the Universal Output connector into an SMS message that is then sent to a mobile device attached to the Faxination Mobile Device Connector. The mobile device sends out the SMS alerts to those on site at the mines.

Fax with Faxination 

Our customers not only utilize Faxination to assist with everyday communication, but additionally for unique scenarios that they encounter for their business. Our solution can be customized to fulfill the challenges your team faces to ensure your company can meet its goals. Looking for a faxing solution? Talk to our team at Fenestrae to learn how Faxination is right for you. 

Faxing is still a critical part of business communication in the financial industry. However, with the ever-growing digital age, there are new technologies that can help faxing become more efficient and secure. Automated processes and digitized solutions are two such technologies that are rapidly changing the game for faxing in finance. In this article, we will explore how automated processes and digital faxing can resolve some of the most common issues faced by businesses in the financial industry when exchanging sensitive data.

Increased Regulatory Compliance Starts with Fenestrae’s Cloud Faxing Solutions

Fenestrae’s digital faxing solutions are built with regulatory compliance in mind. When it comes to the financial sector, our solutions are able to meet the most stringent requirements for data protection. Most commonly, financial institutions will handle services such as processing loan applications. These may require a number of signatures and document exchanges in order to validate the loan. With certain legal specifications requiring that these document transactions be completed within a certain timeframe, it was clear to Fenestrae that a system was needed to confirm the document exchange occurred automatically and securely without the need for manual intervention.

Including built-in transaction logging for an added layer of security, Fenestrae’s digital faxing solution ensures accountability and traceability for every document that is sent or received. This not only mitigates risk, but it also facilitates the audit process by showing all the necessary components of a message exchange. By enabling the secure and digital exchange of documents, Fenestrae’s solutions help financial institutions to remain within the limits of strict compliance protocol.

With the time sensitive nature of loan applications and the confidential information they contain, manual faxing is often not an option. This is where Fenestrae’s digital faxing solutions make the difference – by automating the process of sending and receiving faxes, we reduce the risk for errors, save time, and increase efficiency.

Cost-Effective Enterprise Digital Fax Solutions for Trade Within the Financial Sector

Fenestrae’s digital faxing solutions are designed to be both cost-effective and efficient for financial institutions. For those who handle trade, faxing is critical for them to perform their jobs. This could include handling things like pension funds for financial institutions, the buying and selling of stocks, bonds, gold or other securities. 

In a real-world example, one such financial institution encountered the challenge of automated processing of confidential confirmation messaging to clients upon completion to remain within compliance guidelines. For auditing purposes, confirmation upon the arrival of a message was a crucial element in this instance – as a delay in data exchange to confirm receipt could result in costly and damaging compliance risks. Fenestrae’s digital faxing software allowed for an automated messaging process within the system. The results? Tremendous time and cost savings, as well as achieving higher levels of data security with Fenestrae’s software integration.

Fenestrae’s Worry-Free Cloud Faxing Solution

Financial institutions have a lot to gain by implementing digital faxing solutions. Fenestrae’s automated processes make it easy and fast for you to securely exchange documents with your partners, while meeting all compliance regulations. Our team is dedicated to providing the best possible service, so you can focus on what you do best: running your business. Contact us today to learn more about how our digital faxing solutions can transform your document exchange processes.

In the digital age, it’s no secret that businesses are moving away from paper-based processes and towards digital solutions wherever possible. The healthcare industry is no exception, as digitized healthcare communication offers a number of advantages over traditional methods. One area where this is particularly apparent is in the realm of faxing. In this blog post, we will discuss what digital faxing is, why more and more healthcare organizations are moving to it, and include real-world examples of how Fenestrae’s Faxination solutions were able to produce great results for two healthcare organizations.

The Digital Revolution in Healthcare

The healthcare industry is in the midst of a digital revolution. As with all industries, paper is becoming increasingly inefficient, and the advantages of digitized communications have never been more apparent. Though faxing connotes an outdated technology to many, market research indicates that  faxing services are forecasted to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 11%, suggesting that fax isn’t going away any time soon. And with the digitization of fax comes new opportunities for healthcare organizations to improve their processes and workflows. So, what exactly is digital faxing and how can it help healthcare organizations?


Digital faxing, or the electronic transmission of fax, eliminates the need for fax server hardware and paper-based processes. This results in a number of advantages including the ability to send faxes from a standard desktop or email application, and allows for the seamless integration of platforms commonly used by healthcare organizations. The healthcare industry can enjoy tremendous benefits from faxing technology as it provides a HIPAA-compliant way to send PHI (protected health information). HIPAA compliance is essential for any healthcare organization handling sensitive patient data, and digital faxing ensures that all information is transmitted securely with standard applications.

Examples of Overcoming the the Digital Divide in Healthcare

Though the advantages of digital faxing are clear, there are organizations that have been hesitant to make the switch from traditional faxing methods. Whether it is due to the so-called digital divide or the cost of new technology, some organizations have been slow to digitize their faxing processes. When healthcare organizations do make the switch, however, the results are often impressive for their bottom line.


Take for example, a hospital has 800 beds and 5500 employees and focuses on providing exceptional patient care. However, by using an obsolete process of sending the lab results through the postal service, sharing patient information between providers proved to be inefficient and duly time consuming. In essence, the challenge here was to replace the paper-based transmission of information, and move to the digital transfer of medical records. Fenestrae’s Faxination integration effectively digitized these processes while ensuring patient privacy at all times.


Another real-world example of digital faxing  in healthcare comes from one of the largest healthcare organizations in the Netherlands with over 6,000 employees and 29 different areas of expertise. Communication between facilities, labs, pharmacies, and other providers resulted in enormous paper trails of confidential health data, which was detrimental to compliance. By seeking a partner like Fenestrae who could digitize these communications, paper-based workflows were effectively replaced with an automated system. Further, Fenestrae was able to digitize data and integrate the new server software with existing applications. This meant significant cost savings and greater efficiency for the organization, while strengthening compliance with regulatory requirements. Now, this healthcare organization is enabled to thrive in a fully integrated environment.

Bring Your Digital Healthcare Ecosystem to Life With Fenestrae’s Faxination

Faxination is the perfect solution for healthcare facilities looking to digitize paper-based faxing communication. The secure and easy transfer of private health information is enabled through Faxination, leading to greater efficiency and reduced costs. More and more healthcare organizations are embracing the digital method of faxing through Faxination in order to improve their bottom line, and with Faxination it has never been easier. Contact Fenestrae today to learn more about how your organization can benefit from digital faxing with Faxination.


Faxing has remained one of the most powerful forms of communication for decades. With on-prem faxing solutions, there are many connectors that organizations want to utilize to send information to their teams and customers. There are connectors that increase functionality through mobile devices, online platforms and more. Working with a partner that offers various connector options will help your organization save time, increase productivity and improve efficiency. In this blog, we highlight the array of connectors that we offer today at Fenestrae and the functionality of each. 

The Importance of Connectors

By adding connectors to your on premises fax solution, your business can capitalize on its current investments, thereby increasing ROI on both fax installation as well as other applications. Connectors can create secure documents between applications to prevent fraud and comply with various industry standards in doing so. Connectors allow you to create secure document management using fax technology, both internally, externally and between applications. Another huge benefit is allowing customers to create workflow, streamlining processes and productivity.

Our Faxination On-Prem Connectors

Faxination MFP Connector
Send outbound faxes from multi-functional (all-in-one) devices or scan directly to other Faxination host recipients

Faxination MS Exchange Connector

Send and receive fax and mobile messages via Microsoft Exchange

Faxination MS SharePoint Connector

Assign inbound routing codes to SharePoint Document Libraries

Faxination Print Connector

Assign inbound routing codes to shared network printers via the UNC path

Faxination REST Connector

Send and receive fax and mobile messages programmatically via a RESTful interface

Faxination SAP Connector

Send and receive faxes through SAP Office

Faxination Universal Output Connector

Send fax and mobile messages by printing to a virtual network printer

Faxination Web Service Connector

Send and receive fax and mobile messages programmatically via web services

SMTP Connector

Provides users with the ability to send and receive fax and SMS messages through Faxination using the standard SMTP protocol

Inbound Directory Connector

Inbound routing of faxes to an internal network folder.

SMS-C Connector Corporate 

Send and receive mobile messages with a direct connection to your mobile provider.

“Connect” with Faxination by Fenestrae

Connectors can make a huge difference for not only your business, but everyone you work with. If you are currently using a connector and have questions, want to install one of these connectors or have questions about which connector is a fit for your organization, we would love to help. Fenestrae has been around for more than 30 years, working with companies to improve their communication through faxing. Contact us to learn more. 

Many organizations have recently been considering making changes to their traditional fax implementation to take advantage of Fax over IP (FoIP).  Making the decision to do so should be done after reviewing the benefits of such a move. So, what is FoIP, exactly? In essence, FoIP allows you to send and receive faxes using the internet. Because FoIP sends faxes over a data network instead of a telephone line, it can offer several advantages over traditional faxing, such as decreased maintenance and costs. In this blog post, we’ll discuss what FoIP is, its advantages over traditional faxing, and how to best leverage FoIP for your business.

Fax over IP – How does it Work?

FoIP is a relatively straightforward concept. Essentially, FoIP allows you to send and receive faxes using the internet instead of a telephone line. Fax over IP uses a standard protocol called T.38, which is designed to send and receive faxes over an IP network just like traditional analog faxing. Eliminating the need for standard phone lines using the T.30 protocol, the T.38 protocol acts as a gateway for fax traffic and encapsulates it into data packets for real time fax transmission over IP networks. 

So, when set up correctly, FoIP can bring additional security and reliability to a fax implementation. But, just how easy is it to implement and what are the additional benefits associated with FoIP?

Why should businesses consider using Fax over IP?

FoIP’s technology can be easily implemented by companies of all sizes. In fact, small companies use it for the same reasons large companies do: to save time and money while improving efficiency. By allowing companies to leverage their existing network, the need to invest in additional hardware can be effectively mitigated. Further, using FoIP can reduce Telco costs while maintaining compatibility with traditional fax machines and printers, so businesses can still use their existing hardware. Additionally, with seamless integration of fax into a business’s unified communications (UC) system, users can send and receive faxes from their computer or mobile devices.

Cost Savings

There are a number of ways that FoIP can contribute to maximum cost savings. Perhaps the most apparent way, however, is how businesses can help their bottom line with reduced paper and hardware costs, and even eliminate costly telephone lines entirely.

Centralization and Ease of Management

By centralizing administration and making for more efficient use of TELCO, organizations save more money than they would using traditional fax. With this, companies can send and receive faxes from any of their locations, allowing for a single point of administration, security, monitoring and message archiving.

Increased Mobility for Businesses

Businesses can send faxes anytime, anywhere with FoIP. With a remote option for sending and receiving faxes, businesses are no longer tied to their desk or office location. This newfound freedom and flexibility helps businesses be more productive and nimble, while allowing you to access your information whenever, wherever.

Ease of Transition

As we’ve mentioned before, FoIP integrates with your company’s current systems, effectively eliminating the need for additional hardware. Aside from reducing the need to maintain and manage that additional hardware,, it also means there will be no impact on how faxes are received or sent.

Greater Compliance Overall

With FoIP, documents are digitally archived in a central location so that information is never lost and will never need to be physically stored. This is perfect for companies who need to maintain compliance with certain regulations such as GDPR.

Other benefits of FoIP include full virtualization of a company’s infrastructure, the ability to maximize use of the current IP Public Branch Exchange (PBX), and reduced energy costs. FoIP in and of itself offers unique advantages, but when used in combination with Voice over IP (VoIP), businesses can make the smooth transition to fully digitized communications.

FoIP & VoIP: The Perfect Partnership

Voice over IP or VoIP is quite similar to FoIP, and the two go hand in hand when it comes to business communication. And by converging FoIP and VoIP, businesses can take advantage of a whole host of features and benefits.

Just like FoIP, VoIP uses the internet to send and receive phone calls, effectively helping businesses to save on hardware costs associated with maintaining telephone lines. As a complementary technology to FoIP, businesses can transform their communications processes into a digital workflow, which will reduce operational costs while also increasing flexibility, productivity and mobility.

With faxing technologies like Fenestrae’s Faxination solution, businesses can maximize their VoIP while also benefiting from FoIP’s many advantages.

Why Cloud-Based Faxing with Fenestrae?

Faxination with Fenestrae upgrades existing fax systems while eliminating the costs associated with investing in additional hardware, software, and server maintenance. As an integrated cloud-based platform, Faxination works with popular applications such as Microsoft 365 making it a user-friendly FoIP solution. Reliable and secure, Faxination’s Cloud Fax can send and receive faxes remotely all while allowing you to maintain your current fax numbers.

Fenestrae’s products are used across a wide range of industries, including Financial, Healthcare, Legal Industries, as well as multiple government bodies. Fenestrae’s solutions allow for greater business agility and a lower TCO. With excellent customer care and a deep understanding of FoIP, Fenestrae is the perfect partner for your business’ faxing needs.

To learn more about how Fenestrae can help your business, visit our website at or contact us today.

You may be surprised to hear that faxing is still a vital part of business communications, especially when so many people think of it as an outdated technology. However, the truth is that with a new technology such as cloud faxing, businesses can enjoy a number of benefits that transform how communications are handled. With greater efficiency, cost savings, and security, cloud faxing is the future of business communications and companies all over are getting on board. Keep reading to learn more about this innovative technology and how businesses are leveraging it to its fullest extent.

What is Cloud Faxing & How Do Business Enterprises Use It?

So, what exactly is cloud faxing? In short, it is a digital fax solution that allows businesses to send and receive faxes via the internet. This means that instead of using a physical fax machine, you can use your computer, laptop, or even your smartphone to send and receive digital faxes. By delivering fax this way, businesses can eliminate obsolete faxing components while reducing costs.

For organizations in the healthcare industry, finance industry, and legal industry, faxing is still a critical part of business infrastructure. For this reason, business communications still need to maintain a high level of security, compliance, and performance. Cloud faxing enables this and much more, while still being able to seamlessly integrate with existing enterprise systems. Using advanced encryption when exchanging private information, businesses can rest assured that their communications are secure and compliant with industry regulations.

When selecting a cloud faxing solution, businesses can be overwhelmed with options. What’s most important, however, is finding a solution that offers the features and scalability a business needs to continue growing and evolving.

The Benefits of a Comprehensive Cloud Faxing Solution

There are a number of benefits that businesses can enjoy when they switch to cloud faxing. Perhaps the most obvious benefit is cost savings. Cloud faxing eliminates businesses having to invest in expensive on-premise hardware, software, and telephony lines. In effect, the business environment is simplified and the upfront investment cost is reduced. As a result, businesses no longer have to worry about maintenance and upkeep and can even free up office space.

When it comes to remaining within regulatory guidelines, cloud faxing still allows for businesses to leverage existing compliance infrastructure. This is made possible because cloud faxing services are delivered via secure, private network connections. The best cloud faxing solution will offer enhanced security measures that rival that of traditional fax, with advanced capabilities that allow for next-level data protection while reducing compliance risk.

Ultimately, cloud faxing can make for a seamless transition across business departments, while streamlining existing workflows. With the ability to extend to back-office applications and email, cloud faxing can create greater efficiency by facilitating end-to-end processes and better document management. That being said, the only thing left to consider is which cloud faxing platform is right for your business. 

Why Faxination with Fenestrae?

When it comes to finding the best cloud faxing solution for your business, look no further than Faxination with Fenestrae. Our cloud-based faxing solution allows for business enterprises across a wide range of industries to improve communications while reducing costs. With the ability to integrate into your business’s existing systems and applications like Microsoft 365, users can experience a smooth transition while working with a user-friendly faxing solution.

By migrating to the cloud with Faxination, businesses can also minimize the impact on everyday business communications, and even route their current fax numbers depending on business needs. Even security with Faxination is top-notch. Including features like integrated monitoring and control options that offer different access levels for staff, Faxination ensures business vulnerabilities are effectively removed while facilitating greater compliance.

Faxination is the ideal cloud faxing solution for enterprise businesses looking to upgrade their faxing technology. Thanks to our enhanced security measures and integrations with existing applications and systems, your business can experience a seamless transition to the future of faxing. Our entirely scalable platform meets the needs of businesses without ever compromising on reliability. Get in touch with our cloud faxing experts at Fenestrae today to learn more about how we can help you make the switch to cloud faxing. 

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