Fax over IP

Faxination offers multiple Fax-over-IP (FoIP) solutions to match your fax messaging requirements and your existing telephony infrastructure. Software-based Fax-over-IP solutions have the added benefit of allowing the fax server to be fully virtualized, providing significant savings in both hardware and operating costs.

What is FoIP?

Fax over IP (FoIP) is the sending and receiving of fax messages from one IP address to another over the Internet.  Here the data from the fax message is transferred over the internet and internet gateways. This is unlike traditional manner of fax communication where messages are sent via telephone lines. For FoIP no telephone lines are required.  FoIP messages can be sent to a number of destinations including fax machines and email.  

Advantages of FoIP for your business:

1. Cost effective –Unlike traditional faxing, FoIP eliminates the failure liability of expensive fax hardware (e.g. fax machine or fax boards). Reduction of paper and other elements used in traditional faxing also helps the bottom line. More importantly, FoIP allows businesses to do away with costly analog telephone lines as dedicated phone lines for fax are no longer required.

2. Integrated into current system – Sending messages by fax does not require the installation of additional hardware. FoIP software can be integrated into current systems. Changeover will also have no effect on your clients or business as you will continue to receive fax messages as you did before.

3. Anytime, anywhere access – Sending and receiving fax messages is not limited to the physical location of the fax machine. This increases your business mobility allowing your office(s) to send and receive messages anytime, anywhere using a local (virtual) fax number. Access to information when and where you want.

4. Centralized system management – Enabling all your company’s locations to send and receive faxes, all the while working within a consolidated Faxination FoIP implementation giving even the largest global organizations a single point of administration, security, monitoring, and messaging archiving. The system is therefore easier and more cost effective to manage.

5. Compliancy and emergency preparedness – As documents are archived digitally at a centralized location businesses are always prepared for any type of emergency. Information is never lost as it no longer needs to be physically stored.

6. Environmentally friendly – Paper, ink, hardware, electricity and other elements used in traditional faxing are no longer needed. This reduces your businesses ecological footprint and contributes to environmentally friendly business practices.

7. Remain competitive – The future lies in virtualization and moving Faxination over to FoIP is a step in the right direction.

For an overview of the Faxination Fax over IP solutions, please reference the brochure.


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