Faxination Cloud Fax

Send and receive faxes directly via the cloud with applications such as Microsoft Office 365

Give your fax capabilities the upgrade they need without the investment in expensive software and server maintenance. As Faxination Cloud fax is a software as a solution, it does not require additional hardware or software, making it effortless to implement.

Integrated solution

Unlike other cloud fax services, Faxination Cloud Fax is integrated into your systems and business applications such as Microsoft Office 365, and therefore easy to use. Minimize the impact on everyday business with a migration to the cloud by porting or routing your current fax numbers dependent on your needs. Faxination Cloud Fax is available with unlimited scalability.

Available anytime, anywhere

No longer are businesses limited by the inefficiency of aging on premise fax solutions and telephony infrastructures. Users of Faxination Cloud Fax can send and receive faxes of any document type when and where they want unlike other fax solutions which only allow PDF’s. 

Reliable & Secure

Being the fax solution of choice for corporates, enterprises and multi-national companies, Faxination offers the reliability and security that customers have come to trust for more than 25 years. Integrated monitoring and control options offer different access levels removing business vulnerability as well as boosting security and facilitating compliancy.

Maintain your fax numbers

With Faxination Cloud Fax you do not need to give up your current fax numbers. This way you remain available for incoming and outgoing fax messaging without impacting your day to day business operations.

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Virtual Private Cloud

Are you a multinational and are you looking for a solution tailored to meet your specific needs? Faxination cloud fax service can be deployed within an exclusive, single tenant, virtual private cloud configuration. Contact us to discuss the possibilities.

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