Infrastructure optimization

Optimize your unified communications with a consolidated fax messaging solution. Leverage your existing voice/data infrastructure to improve reliability and reduce operational expenses.

A consolidated Faxination design allows your global workforce, systems, and applications to send and receive fax messages through a single, highly-optimized server. Faxination supports Fax-over-IP to take advantage of your existing Voice-over-IP infrastructure and gateways, or traditional remote fax device servers (physical fax cards at multiple, remote locations). The modular nature of Faxination allows both host (Microsoft Exchange, SAP and any other mail or .Net web services applications) and device connectors to be added and removed as needed or installed in separate servers – in the same datacenter or on the other side of the globe. 

Key benefits:

  • Reduce your operating costs by as much as 80% through server consolidation and least-cost routing
  • Improve efficiency and reduce errors by automating business processes
  • Optimize business workflows
  • Centralize logging and archiving to improve security and achieve regulatory compliance

Universal Message Routing improves cost efficiency

Faxination reduces costs and complexity by leveraging your existing Voice-over-IP system for industry-standard T.38 Fax-over-IP.  Such a software-based Fax-over-IP system also allows for total fax server virtualization, further reducing hardware requirements and operating costs.

Application integration

Faxination supports .Net web services for sending and receiving fax messages, allowing for custom application integration. Native connectivity to Microsoft Exchange, SAP, and multi-function peripheral (MFP) devices is available, as well as generic SMTP and print spool monitoring. Faxination adapts easily to any environment, process, or workflow.

Centralized logging and compliancy regulations

Faxination administrators have a full suite of trace tools, logging systems, and archive options to meet any security and/or accountability requirements. Precise time stamps may be incorporated into received faxes as both visible overlays and/or PDF meta data. Over 70 logging fields are available to record every detail of both inbound and outbound messages, including the messages themselves when required. The archive (backup) system can store messages indefinitely or automatically purge them after a specified number of days. All of these features help to ensure regulatory compliance and meet internal security audit requirements.

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