Mobile messaging

Fenestrae offers the solution for direct, effective and efficient communication with Faxination Mobile Messaging. Perfect for appointment reminders, news, updates, emergency notifications and events.


Whether you are

a hospital wanting to increase appointment attendance (and reduce no shows) by reminding patients of their appointments,
a manufacturer wanting to notify drivers which bay they can unload at to improve efficiency, or
a financial institution wanting to provide outstanding customer service by offering clients account updates,
Faxination Mobile Messaging is the perfect solution for SMS alerts. Quickly and efficiently notify the right people saves time and effort. As Faxination directly integrates with Outlook (or any other application), the process is effortless.

There are various reasons why the use of SMS or text messaging is an effective means of communication, but there are two that are key. First, SMS has shown to have a 90% read rate within three minutes of the message being sent. As timing is relevant, you can almost be guaranteed of the fact that your message has been received and read (which cannot be said of notifications by email). Second, messages can be sent to anyone with a mobile number, making everyone reachable. This is especially relevant when you are dealing with a client base of all ages.

With Faxination Mobile Messaging, you can be assured that your notification reaches the recipient and that person is able to read and act upon it.


Highly effective

With the reliability of notifications being received and read on time (by anyone), Faxination Mobile Messaging is a simple and efficient option to improve efficiency and service delivery, as well as lower costs.

Works with your existing applications

Messages can be sent from Outlook or any other mail or office/business applications. Integration into your system makes the solution very easy to use and helps to centralize your business communications.

Save time & resources

Messages can be sent automatically as well as scheduled to send time freeing up resources and personnel. In addition, Faxination can process bulk or simultaneously sent messages.

Customer stories

Faxination mobile messaging secures efficient logistics process and prevents revenue losses

Efficient logistics process, prevent revenue losses

For manufacturers time is of the essence in the production of goods.

Ensuring that deliveries arrive at the correct loading bay can ensure that the process remains efficient. Logistics and planning are often so precisely timed that each loading bays are scheduled to receive shipments multiple times a day. If drivers do not reach the correct loading bay at the specified time, there is a risk that the cargo cannot be unloaded due to the loading bay being occupied by another lorry. As shipments and the goods they carry are expected for production, a missed delivery can slow down a process leading to inefficiency in the entire process. In the food production industry this is especially relevant as shipments can include perishable ingredients which can spoil leading to a loss of revenue.

Implementing the Fenestrae Mobile Messaging solution allows for direct, convenient, and immediate delivery of important delivery information. Fully integrated into current logistical systems, a high level of efficiency is maintained as the messages help to ensure the strict logistical planning can be followed. In addition, these messages can be created, scheduled, and delivered automatically saving time and resources.

Increase appointment attendance

Research has shown that for healthcare providers, patient nonattendance runs a high cost.

This in part to the fact that resources allocated for the appointment cannot be redistributed. The appointment cannot simply be reassigned to another patient, and the staff scheduled to conduct the appointment make less efficient use of their time. Ensuring that patients are aware of their scheduled appointment by means of a reminder can help realize significant increases in medical attendance rates and improve service levels (Guy, Hocking, Wand, Stott, Ali, & Kaldor 2011).

To ensure the effectiveness for reaching all patients, SMS proves to be the only effective communication tool in reminding patients of their appointments. Integrated into the scheduling system of the healthcare provider, Faxination Mobile Messaging provides a simple and efficient solution to implement and use. The outcome is a boost of attendance rates. A positive side effect is that patients act timely if appointment rescheduling is required. This positively impacts clinical uptime allowing for more patients to be seen each year.

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