Faxination’s modular, component-based design allows mixing and matching of functionalities to meet any deployment requirements.

360° document capture


To capture, digitize and unify paper documents, faxes and email attachments, Faxination offers:

Scanner/MFP support
Email attachments
Shared folder
Fax communication
Mobile messaging
Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Integration with existing systems and processes

Faxination integrates paper, fax and email with the following office and business applications:

Microsoft Exchange
Any (custom) application
Healthcare systems
Microsoft SharePoint/Office365

Highly-optimized, flexible platform


To accommodate consolidation and a centralized communications platform and message archive:

Fax over IP
Infrastructure optimization
Compliancy (Legal, GDPR, PCI)
Cloud Fax

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The solution videos provide an in-depth understanding of Faxination’s rich feature set and maximize the use of Faxination’s full potential.

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